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Friday, June 5, 2009

Passionate for the Glory of God

I have a wonderful sister. We love many of the same things. We both love God and obey Him to the best of our abilities. We both love our families. We both love to worship and to serve in our local churches. We both love to laugh and sing and cook.

While we love many of the same things, our passions are different. My sister is passionate about spending time with her grandchildren. She and my brother-in-law have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. All of their children live in different cities that are within a few hours drive of my sister's home. They travel to watch ball games, drill team performances, plays, concerts, award ceremonies, baptisms, and graduations.

They host the grandchildren in their home over the summer, rotating through the whole clan to spend special time with each child. They plan special holiday celebrations, cook their favorite meals, and remember birthdays with meaningful gifts.

My sister passionately shares her love, her time, her energy and her money with her family. She and my brother-in-law made a conscious decision to give as much of themselves as they could to their grandchildren while they are still children.

My passion does not center around my family, though I love them dearly and rejoice in the time I am able to share with them. My passion is learning the truth in the Bible and writing about what I learn from its pages. I read the Bible, memorize chapters, meditate on passages, talk to God about things I do not understand, think about it - absorb it in every way I can. I spend hours some days digging deeply into one or two verses and sometimes just one or two words. I bought an extensive biblical library, so I compare commentaries, study the meaning of the words in the original languages, look at different Bible translations, pull out maps of biblical lands and read the books of great men and women of God.

At some point the topic that I am studying becomes overwhelming in its beauty and its power. I am compelled by my joy and amazement to share what I have learned with others. For me, that means sitting down at my computer and writing. Because I want what I write to be the best representation of God's truth that I can show, I pray over it, rewrite it, pray some more, edit it, share it with my Bible study partner, edit it again, and finally, when I am satisfied that I can do nothing else, I send it out.

As different as our passions are in activity and focus, both my sister and I have an underlying foundation that is the same; we both want our passions to glorify God. By living their lives of faith and trust in God, modeling that to their grandchildren around them, my sister and brother-in-law nourish them on God's love. They reinforce what the children are learning in their own homes, paving the way for them to find forgiveness and new life in Christ at the proper time.

While my passion seems more straightforward about glorifying God, it is not. If my Bible study was for me to have all knowledge, to make a great name in church circles, to be known as a great teacher, all my knowledge and writing would be strident bells and clanging cymbols to God. Instead, my objective is to make God and His ways known, to clear the path before His children, to honor His Name.

God has made each of us unique. He has created us to be passionate about something. Are you passionate about anything? If you are, does the way you express your passion glorify God? I look forward to reading your comments.